DEFY is TOURISM | Share | trek | explore | nature | promote | eye-/ door-opener | Attracting adventures and curious Scandinavian traveler by promoting the beauty and challenges of the unknown Sub Antarctic has been the main goal from the very beginning. The driving force behind the initiative is the desire to share the pristine wilderness with like-minded observing small and grand details, mysteries, life and nature. Adventure Travels are an important cornerstone of DEFY and every season we offer newly designed, or redesigned, programs based on new exploration. You will never find us repeating ourselves.

DEFY is SCIENCE | Network | guide | knowledge | answers | solutions | Being surrounded by some of the most virgin and undisturbed regions on earth, the Antarctic and Sub Antarctic offers a sublime 3D in situ lab. Many of the answers to universal questions of our past and future are hidden here. In Scandinavia we have the means, the equipment and the experience compatible for implementation in the south. DEFY is supporting local scientists and focused on building a bridge between scientists from the far North to the far South.

DEFY is INNOVATION | Merge | explore | innovate | possibilities | challenges | conservation of nature | skills | In an endless quest of ever improving the options available for adventurers of special interests DEFY is focused on merging the fields of tourism and science by supporting knowledge, network and logistics converting DEFY into a hub of information, expeditions and exploration. Our main goal is the conservation of nature by education and science brought directly to the curious adventurer and scientist.